Payment Methods
Payment Methods
Credit/Debit Cards:
We are Accepting Credit/Debit Cards only through our third party billing system with Moneygram and Paysend.
Why we use third party Credit/Debit Cards system?
Credit/Debit card companies charge a percentage on every transaction that goes through them. These percentages can be as high as 10% on some transactions. This massively affects our profit margin which can in turn affect our ability to keep on providing top quality services to your clients. To combat this we have opted to use more affordable payment methods which are beneficial both to us and to our clients. The payment options we have opted for, provide our clients with anonymity which is very important for our clientele.
Western Union & Moneygram Wire Transfer:
We accept western union & Moneygram Wire transfers. You can send a western union or Moneygram transfer online by visiting their websites. Once on their website, all you need to do is register and then choose send money to send money to a cash pick up name and address provided by us. You can also send moneygram payments at your nearest post office. For Western Union payments, You can take cash to a western union store near to you, fill in a sending form and then hand it back with the cash to send to the names and address provided by us. You will be charged a fee of less than 5% which will be incurred by you should you choose to use this method.
We accept all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. This is our preferred and best payment option available as it provides 100% anonymity without any extra hidden fees.
How to Make Bitcoin Payment
1 – Sign up for a Bitcoin wallet. Google “Bitcoin wallet” or search your mobile App store. Use the same process to locate where and how to buy Bitcoins. Some wallets (Bitpay, Coinbase Etc) provide both service.
2 – When you have Bitcoin(s) in a wallet your ready to shop! To shop with simply buy as normal and when you checkout select Bitcoin as your payment method.
3 – You will need to log into your wallet and send the correct amount requested in your order. Scan the QR code or copy the Bitcoin wallet address that will appear.
4 – Email us with your order number and confirm you have sent a Bitcoin payment. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will then begin the processing of your order for delivery to your provided address and send your delivery information including tracking details same day if possible.
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