Get 4-FA – 4-Fluoroamphetamine – CAS 459-02-9

Get 4-FA – 4-Fluoroamphetamine – CAS 459-02-9


4-FA is an amphetamine type stimulant (ATS) similar to amphetamine and 3,4- methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It inhibits and reverses monoamine reuptake transporters, thereby increasing extracellular levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain [1].

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4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA4-FMPPAL-303; “Flux“), also known as para-fluoroamphetamine (PFA) is a psychoactive research chemical of the phenethylamine and substituted amphetamine chemical classes. It produces stimulant and entactogenic effects. As a recreational drug, 4-FA is sometimes sold along with related compounds such as 2-fluoroamphetamine and 4-fluoromethamphetamine.

What is 4-Fluoroamphetamine

4-FA is a ring-substituted amphetamine with properties that are also encountered with cocaine and other amphetamine-like psychostimulants and a key feature includes the ability to increase extracellular levels of dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (noradrenaline, NE) and serotonin (5-HT), respectively. From a contextual perspective, earlier research involving 4-FA is related to work on substances with pressor effects (e.g. ephedrine derivatives), in addition to research on potential appetite suppressants (e.g. fenfluramine or phenmetrazine) and other substances known to interact with the monoaminergic system, such as L-deprenyl or 4-chloroamphetamine.

Effects of 4-FMP

4-Fluoroamphetamine has a very short history of human use and is very uncommon so therefore little is known about its pharmacological effects, as is the case with many other designer drugs. Effects include euphoria, increased energy, mood elevation, excessive talking, bruxism (jaw clenching) and suppressed appitite. It also inhibits the ability to sleep, like most stimulants.

How to Take para-fluoroamphetamine

It has recently been shown that 4-FA differed from (+)-amphetamine in its ability to result in higher 5-HT dialysate concentrations. These levels were obtained from rat nucleus accumbens and correlated with diminished motor stimulant activity, which provided support for the hypothesis that 5-HT release might be able to dampen the stimulant effects of amphetamine-type substances that are mediated by DA. Some user reports indicate that 4-FA might show pro-social effects in humans that might share some overlap with MDMA.

Where to Buy 4-FA Safely Online

4-Fluoroamphetamine clearly has an amphetamine type of effect on the central nervous system. The halogenated compound also shows a mild serotogenic release in the user giving it a very slight resemblance to MDMA, it also differs from other halogenated amphetamines in that it is not known to be as neurotoxic compared with para-chloroamphetamine, para-bromoamphetamine and para-iodoamphetamine. It is noted that the potency of 4-FMP is roughly 2/3 that of dextroamphetamine. 4-FMP when insufflated tends to numb the nasal cavity and can be extremely painful, this way of administration should be avoided. It is suggested that this compound does not have the harsh come down like other CNS stimulants.

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Other names: CAS 459-02-9, 4-fluoroamphetamine, p-Fluoroamphetamine, parafluoroamphetamine, PFA, 4-F-A, PAL-303, p-FA, P-FMP, 4-FMP, 4FMP, 4-FA, Flux, Fifa.

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